23/03/16 - A spring of changes

Just like every year, Sunday 20th of March is the day of St. Joseph, saint patron of the municipality of Berbenno di Valtellina.
The Fan Club, after concluding Arianna's season with the victory of the relay at the World Cup in Dordrecht and the fourth place at the World Cup in Seoul, is attending the event with its own stand, ready to launch the new membership for the year 2016.

The great news of this year is the formula adopted to organize the traditional event of Arianna's Day.
During the meetings that took place in the winter, the Fan Club decided to establish a stronger link between Arianna and the reality represented by the municipality of Berbenno, assigning a key role to the two components that are always associated with her: sport and charity.
For these reasons, Arianna’s Day 2016 will be the day of "The Run of Sara", an event dedicated to the memory of Sara Ravizza, a peer and ex school mate of Arianna who died prematurely in April 2012 due to a rare disease. The event, which will take place on Sunday 5th of June, will consist of a non-competitive race of 9.8 km (mainly developed on trails, with 400 m of slopes variations) and a walk through the streets of the municipality (about 3 km).
Afterwards, the staff of the Fan Club will organize a lunch at "La Madonnina"of Polaggia. The theme of charity, always so crucial for the Fan Club, has allowed the involvement of the association's A.D.A. (Eating Disorders Association), this involvement was proposed by Sarah's family. The association's website is www.associazioneadasondrio.com

The first response of the people who came to the stand at St. Joseph's fair was extremely positive; as a result, this was the day of the first requests to register for the event. The registration will be soon available through our website.
Meanwhile, the subscriptions continue: they will be just a little less than a hundred at the end of the day. 59 "fan kit" (towel and water bottle that clearly have a sportive theme) sold and great compliments for the new look of the card , with Arianna in the foreground at the Church of San Gregorio together with the route of the non-competitive race in the background.
There will still be the possibility to subscribe and get your membership until the date of Arianna's Day: you can do it by sending an email to info@ariannafontanafanclub.com or contact us through our various social medias.

Monday 21st is the day of the launch of the new Facebook page of the Fan Club , which will replace in a few months the existing Facebook group: follow us at the link www.facebook.com/ariannafontanafanclub/

Spring has begun, and it has brought so many innovations like never before in Berbenno..