27/04/16 - 40 days to go

Wednesday, April 14th, 2016 is the day of Arianna's Birthday and also the day of the great opening of the subscriptions for "The Run of Sara". This will be the main event of “Arianna’s Day” for the season in progress.

The decision to revolutionize the format of Arianna’s day comes from the will that Arianna and the directive board of the Fan Club have towards the importance to create a strong link between the territory and three fundamental elements like sport, nature and charity.

Sport. The history of Arianna in worldwide sports represent the maximum ambition for anybody that practices sport at a professional level. The same objective to achieve something important at a personal level can also been seen between non-professional athletes. The story of a great athlete is always born from small challenges: this is why we thought about organizing a sportive event.

Nature. Thanks to many roads and trails that offer splendid views, the municipality of Berbenno offers many opportunities to the people who wish to do sports. This event goes along with the process of valorization of the municipal area that wants to fill an historical absence. This is an opportunity to get closer to running events in mountains and it is also a chance to go for a pleasant walk through the streets of the municipality.

Charity. Arianna’s will to dedicate this event to Sara, a peer and ex school mate of Arianna who died prematurely more than four years ago, does not leave any space to additional comments. ADA (Eating Disorders Association) is an association that was recently launched; as a result, thanks to their strong feeling of initiative they were able to convince us to choose them as recipients of the charity’s event.

One date, two events, three pillars.
You are now the only one missing.