05/06/17 - Towards 'La Corsa di Sara' with Stefano & Rudy

One week - this is how much still separates us from the second Sara's Race, an event  standing again this year for the traditional Arianna’s Day which has reached its eleventh edition.

We’ve already amply stated the motivation behind this event:  its three "pillars" - sport, nature and charity - still support it.
While the non-competitive race’s track has (justifiably) not been altered, the walk has – it is now longer (about 4km) and has become more “natural”, with some of its sections made up of trails and dirt tracks.
This time the walk will be dedicated to the memory of Stefano and Rudy Biella, Berbenno born and raised brothers, who lately died of muscular dystrophy.

Arianna Fontana’s Fan Club decided to dedicate the proceeds of the charity day to an association Stefano and Rudi’s family often had dealings with:


The association Gli Amici di Emanuele - Fondo DMD (Emanuele’s friends – DMD Fund) was born at the end of 2002 out of the idea Emanuele’s father’s friends had, in order to help Emanuele and his family.
In thirteen years of cooperation with the association “La Nostra Famiglia” (Our Family), the DMD Fund Gli Amici di Emanuele has organized more than 100 events and collected  sufficient funds to draft three 3 year contracts (2010-13, 2014-16, 2016-18) with the University of Milan and the hospital Policlinico di Milano to employ a researcher to do studies of muscular dystrophies, in particular the Duchenne type.
To name a couple of the most important initiatives:
- "Progetto Uomo", the first study approved and in part financed by the Ministry of Health with autologous stem-cell transplantation in children with dystrophy;
- study of “Pletismografia optoelettronia”, a non-invasive method which is adopted when a child’s respiratory capacity begins to weaken and the external help of a medical ventilator is needed;
 - multifactorial study of the diaphragmatic function in Duchenne, still ongoing at the research hospital IRCCS E. Medea.

Further info: www.fondodmd.it