27/12/15 - The frozen heaven

A warm night of summer spent at Fontana's home had left all the members of the directive board literally "frozen".

Arianna announced her intention to take a break from the Short Track.

Usually, the reaction of any fan would have leaked a bit of sorrow and disappointment.
But sometimes, before thinking as a fan, you must think as a friend of Arianna: this is the moment when disappointment and grief leave their way to other feelings, such as complicity and understanding of a girl who has always dedicated her life to sport.

Undoubtedly, it was not easy to follow the first stages of the World Cup of Short Track 15/16 knowing that Arianna would not be the star of any race.
In the meantime, Arianna reached a prestigious goal: in fact, she received the Golden neckless of Sport Merit, which is the highest honor awarded by the Italian Olympic Committee.
The awards ceremony takes place in Rome on December 15: Arianna participates like every other world champion in 2015, along with the big names of Italian sport:  Federica Pellegrini, Tania Cagnotto, Flavia Pennetta and Gregory Paltrinieri.
Despite her sport does not give her the same visibility of the others athletes mentioned, Arianna has successfully established herself as an undisputed leading figure known globally; this is a source of enormous pride.

After returning from Rome, in addition to the neckless, she brings home the Christmas present that we have all waited for: Arianna will return to compete with the national team in the next two stages of the World Cup (Dresden and Dordrecht, in early February), both for individual distance and relay.
Passion, after all, is something that can suddenly sprout again in the heart of those who lived it: if this happened for Arianna, the same will happen for us as fans.

Once again, Luca will be alongside the fans, ready to give us one of his fantastic shots, from a perspective more than ever celestial….