11/02/18 - Start

 "Are you readyyyy!?!" We can imagine how Arianna, Italian flag in hand, addresses her national team members with this question which is actually more of an exclamation.Exactly twelve years have...(leggi tutto)

15/01/18 - The SEVEN wonders of Arianna

"I'll be there in five minutes", Mike lets us know via the Whatsapp group.My watch shows 11.45 pm. An unusual time to leave home, even though it is Friday evening and the third workweek of the year is...(leggi tutto)

27/10/17 - Arianna Flag-Bearer

"This is just for you, don't tell anyone else …… Ary will bear the flag"Alessandro’s message comes unawares late on the evening of a normal Thursday, when every common worker just ...(leggi tutto)

05/06/17 - Towards 'La Corsa di Sara' with Stefano & Rudy

One week - this is how much still separates us from the second Sara's Race, an event  standing again this year for the traditional Arianna’s Day which has reached its eleventh edition.We&rs...(leggi tutto)

27/03/17 - Win together, lose together

The Turin Adventure is still fresh in my memory when – in agreement with my faithful travel companion Tommaso – I decide to book a return flight to Amsterdam for the second weekend in Marc...(leggi tutto)

15/01/17 -

"Hey guys, this year the European Championships are going to be held in Turin! Think we can manage to fill a bus?" "Who knows, maybe not a whole bus, but we'll go, that’s for sure!"It’s en...(leggi tutto)

04/11/16 - A new dawn

Arianna's new sports season has begun and her Fan Club is delighted to announce a couple of important novelties.The first concerns social networks: From now on the only facebook page where undertaking...(leggi tutto)

05/06/16 - La Corsa di Sara: Year Zero

Sunday, June 5th, 2016, the date chosen for the first "La Corsa di Sara" – Sara's Race – had finally come.While the relatively favourable weather conditions rewarded the huge organizationa...(leggi tutto)