22/05/20 -

When May arrives, with longer days beginning to smell of the summer to come, the air in Berbenno brings an unbridled desire to lace up those running shoes and start preparing for "La Corsa di Sara". S...(leggi tutto)

01/12/19 - ARY IS BACK

On 1 November 2019 our personal counter indicated 593.So many days have passed since 18 March 2018, the date of Arianna's last official race up to that point. On the occasion of the world championship...(leggi tutto)

15/06/19 - La Corsa di Sara 4.0

In the weeks preceding "La Corsa di Sara" there's constant coming and going at Casa Fontana.Seemingly never-ending meetings, with charts, plans and maps developing into a patchwork of options, while t...(leggi tutto)

09/04/19 - 42.195 metres of reasons to run

There is a very thin line between the birth of an idea and the first attempt at actually developing it - a kind of invisible obstacle originating in the labyrinth of the mind. It has to be broken down...(leggi tutto)

04/03/18 - Bye, Im going to see history in the making!

7 February 2018.I was at the house of friends for a collective greeting before leaving, there were  seven or eight of us, and at a certain point the phone rang:"Hi Ale, how's the forecast for the...(leggi tutto)

11/02/18 - Start

 "Are you readyyyy!?!" We can imagine how Arianna, Italian flag in hand, addresses her national team members with this question which is actually more of an exclamation.Exactly twelve years have...(leggi tutto)

15/01/18 - The SEVEN wonders of Arianna

"I'll be there in five minutes", Mike lets us know via the Whatsapp group.My watch shows 11.45 pm. An unusual time to leave home, even though it is Friday evening and the third workweek of the year is...(leggi tutto)

27/10/17 - Arianna Flag-Bearer

"This is just for you, don't tell anyone else …… Ary will bear the flag"Alessandro’s message comes unawares late on the evening of a normal Thursday, when every common worker just ...(leggi tutto)