If Arianna is the undisputed star of the magnificent movie that resumes her career as an athlete, there is a group of friends that is always there to support her and to promote her image in Valtellina and the rest of the world.
arianna fontana fan club
The Fan’s Club of Arianna Fontana was born in a small fraction of Berbenno di Valtellina named Polaggia during the Olympic Winter Games in Turin 2006, thanks to a group of supporters and family members.

Chaired by Patrizia Bulanti, it focused on the organization of trips to the capital of Piemonte as well as a great tribute to Arianna with an historic torchlight procession on the day she returned to her hometown.
During the years, the support and the cheer for Arianna had an impressive growth that was equally proportionated to her frequent and prestigious victories. The growth of the Fan’s Club can be seen in the fact that the first social meeting with Arianna had only 50 people and now, after 8 years, it reached 500 people.

After the Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver 2010, the Fan’s Club evolved with few changes within the directive board beginning with the figure of Luca Fumasoni who became president of the Fan’s Club and is now still in charge of the organization.

The emblematic sign of this great change is represented by the official logo of the Fan’s Club, which recalls skates and mountains that are the loyal companions of Arianna’s life.

Thanks to the production of gadgets studied during the various seasons, the Fan’s Club was able to enter every supporter’s home: the great participation during the trips and the growth of supports based on social networks became fundamental elements of the association. An association that makes Arianna very proud.

During the year 2014, the Fan’s Club reached the highest number of members with a new record of 625 enrolled within the association while its Facebook page has overtaken 2.200 people.

Fan Club's Statute
arianna fontana fan club