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05/06/16 - La Corsa di Sara: Year Zero

Sunday, June 5th, 2016, the date chosen for the first "La Corsa di Sara" – Sara's Race – had finally come.

While the relatively favourable weather conditions rewarded the huge organizational efforts of the Fan Club’s board and those voIunteering at the event, they were not good enough for the originally planned al fresco lunch at “La Madonnina”, but that did not really pose a problem – the huge tent mounted on the youth centre’s field turned into Plan A.
The start of race and walk, initially planned for 9.30 am, was delayed by half an hour as people thronged for last-minute admission: about 160 registered for the race, more than 200 for the walk.
At 10 am everyone was finally ready to go.
The large inflatable Creval race arch, the athletes toeing the line, the church Santa Maria Assunta in the background: the idea born at the Fontanas’ house during one of the numerous meetings in winter, had  finally become reality.
The 9 km long track with an elevation difference of 400 m includes various landmarks of Berbenno: via dei Terrazzamenti, San Gregorio church and the already mentioned “Madonnina”.
Christian Pizzatti (G.P. Santi Nuova Olonio) and Enrica Mattaboni won the race in the male and female category, their times of 41’17’’ and 53’50’ respectively are the ones which have to be beaten next time.

The race was followed by what most represents the spirit of ’Arianna’s Day: the communal lunch. The  Alpini di Caspoggio (Italy’s mountain infantry) really got going and made it possible that in next to no time everyone had a nice plate of “polenta e spezzatino (ragout)” in front of them, accompanied by a glass of wine from Podere Canapaccia, a quality winery which has been backing the Fan Club from the very beginning.
With the presentation ceremony came the moment to praise the principal performers of the day: the first, second and third runners of each race (male and female), Berbenno’s best athlethes, the children finishing the walk first, timekeepers Cornaggia and Speziale, everyone volunteering for the Fan Club.

And first and foremost Sara, whowill have seen from above how all of her Berbenno has come together for a beautiful day of sports, organized in her memory, thanks to a friend who has never stopped to feel close to her.