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15/06/19 - La Corsa di Sara 4.0

In the weeks preceding "La Corsa di Sara" there's constant coming and going at Casa Fontana.

Seemingly never-ending meetings, with charts, plans and maps developing into a patchwork of options, while the garage is being turned into a storeroom for gadgets, t-shirts, bottles and anything deemed to be useful. You realize that the event is really close when you just can’t help it and pass by Casa Fontana before going back home after work.
These are intense days, you get up an hour earlier as usual and put on your trail running shoes to tour the race itinerary, checking that no fallen tree or wall has ruined the splendid cleaning work of the local runners, headed by the great Poldo.
The day before the event, the weather forecast makes it clear that no plan B for race and post-race is needed. The afternoon sees the arrival of Arianna and Anthony with a RAI Sport television crew, here to get to know Polaggia’s most typical locations. By now everything is ready: aperitif and final toasts are our special good luck wishes -that the fourth edition of “La Corsa di Sara” may confirm the success of the previous years.

The first hours of Saturday, 15 June, are a hustle and bustle mixed with emotions. The possibility that a detail, important or not, may be forgotten, is always just around the corner, but in three years enough experience has been made with this organisational system. The Alpini ( the Italian Army’s mountain infantry) of Caspoggio, Fan Club volunteers, the Emergency Services, photographers, video-makers, time keepers, music by Max Delle Mele, Fabiano Nana’s voice and many, many participants colour this splendid day. A day which, since its first edition, has the only intention to put a smile on the faces of those who have little to smile about.
This numbers confirm the intention: 136 race participants, 159 took part in the walk and 408 dinners have been served in the splendid setting of “La Madonnina”. Numbers which made it possible to obtain 3115 € to be allocated to the association ASD Matteo Aili of Colorina, whose project “Casa Matteo” ensures accommodation for children in chemotherapy and others with their families helping them to enjoy a couple of days in the open in Valtellina.

Once again sport embodies authentic and healthy values, just like Arianna during her formidable career. To see so many people running along the paths of one’s own territory, so many smiling people, is a bonus which encourages us every year to make such a special day happen again.