22/05/20 -

When May arrives, with longer days beginning to smell of the summer to come, the air in Berbenno brings an unbridled desire to lace up those running shoes and start preparing for "La Corsa di Sara".
Since 2016 the last spring weekend in Berbenno is being dedicated to an event which perfectly combines sport and charity.
The numbers definitely confirm this combo, with more than 1.500 participants and a total donation of more than 11.000 € in just 4 editions.

But this very particular moment we are living through imposed a serious reflection on how the fifth edition of "La Corsa di Sara" could actually take place.
As the compliance with ministerial decrees requires that any kind of assembly has to be avoided, it won't be possible to go through with many of the key elements of this event: the pre-race, the single-file start of race and walk, dinner and post-race events.
But nothing and no-one can cancel the desire to run and walk over the tracks of the municipality of  Berbenno of those looking for performance or just a moment of recreation.

Thus the idea of “La Corsa di Sara – Virtual Race” was born
Starting on Saturday, 13 June (the day this event was originally supposed to be held) until Sunday, 12 July, it’s possible to participate at a virtual race, running along the roads and tracks indicated by the distinctive green arrows.
During the first ten days of June the Fan Club’s volunteers have cleaned up the path and enhanced the signposting.
Everyone who wants to run the whole route of “La Corsa di Sara” has to:

1. Visit www.ariannafontanafanclub.com/lacorsadisara.html
2. Fill out the entry form free of charge
3. If in possession of a sports watch, download the file .gpx with the trace of the track run, then upload it via the appropriate button. Those who do not have such a watch can upload an image with a screenshot of the map, the kilometres run and the time it has taken.

On Monday, 13 July, the final ranking will be compiled.
The absolute winners and those in the special categories (to be disclosed later on) as well as three lucky, randomly drawn participants will be invited to a dinner with Arianna Fontana and the board of her Fan Club.

In the events and initiatives it has organized, the Arianna Fontana Fan Club has always prioritized values such as charity and helping others.
Although no economical contribution is requested in order to participate at the event, the Arianna Fontana Fan Club has undertaken to pay at least € 2 for every participant towards a charity.
Anyone wishing to do so may make a free donation.

"Accept challenges if you want to experience the exhilaration and taste of victory".